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Petite Terre The best-kept secret island of Guadeloupe

Petite Terre The best-kept secret island of Guadeloupe

Lost in the Atlantic ocean east of Guadeloupe, the uninhabited islands of Petite Terre are a true gem. This wild stretch of land is home to native iguanas, green turtles, lemon sharks and a world of tropical fish. Unbeatable.

Petite Terre. Head to paradise

Protected by a preserved coral line, the Terre-de-Bas island is the only one you can actually visit. Six miles from the Pointe-des-Chateaux, at the eastern tip of Grande-Terre, Terre-de-Bas is accessible by boat from Saint François. After a short, hour-and-a-half long trip, I arrive on a 0.5 square mile of paradise where all is zen. I am dreaming awake.

Day trip cruise  (boat trip A/R, lunch and drinks, snorkeling material) with differents options of boat ( fast boat, cruise boat, catamaran...)  start from 70€/pers. Go to the Saintes islands website to get the info.

What to do and see in Petite Terre ?

The underwater paradise

The sun shines through clear, turquoise waters and hits the white sand below in a perpetual motion of light. A few seconds after I go under, I meet a school of surgeon fish, leopard rays, barracudas and green turtles dancing around me. Hypnotizing. A few feet below, lemon sharks join the party. Some even saw dolphins. What else?

The Light house


Between the coconut grove and the mangrove stand two old buildings. This “end of the world” lighthouse, now a nature museum, offers an exhibition room that tells the story of Petite Terre. The island was discovered by the Arawaks in 500 BC, and after by Christopher Colombus in 1500, and served as cotton-producing land. A calming hike where iguanas hide here and there. Let’s go play hide and seek...

Welcome to iguana land and more...

Iguanas rule. The 9500 native iguanas of the island are the second largest iguana population in Guadeloupe. Looks like a Caribbean Jurassic Park. Hermit crabs are not easily impressed however, and, despite their small size, speed and discretion, I saw them everywhere you can also spot iguanas, their favorite food.


The water

The palm trees

The lagoon

Where is Petite Terre ? 


Départure from Saint-François

  • With cruise boat (50 people)  : Saint-François/Petite Terre - Petite Terre/Saint- François + including the all day in Petite Terre ( lunch, drinks, snorkeling material, guide tour) (68€ to 90€)

  • With catamaran  (small group) Saint-François/Petite Terre - Petite Terre/Saint- François - all day included (80€ to 90€)
  • With fast boat and a skipper (8 to 14 people) : 390€ all day included, without gaz
  • With sail boat and a skipper : 300€ de 2 à 9 personnes

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