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4 amazing hidden beaches in Corsica

4 amazing hidden beaches in Corsica

Endless beaches, turquoise waters, wild creeks nestled between maquis valleys… The Corsican shores are among the most beautiful in France. But where to find your dream spot away from the crowds ?

1. Arone beach in Piana

Tourists come to Piana to visit the calanques, and it’s for the best ! Many don’t know that one the most beautiful beaches in Corsica hides twenty minute outside the city. Lost in the maquis, the Arone beach is an impressive lagoon with crystal-clear water and immaculate fine sand. The famed Café de la Plage offers delicious Mediterranean food and fresh fruit cocktails, which you can savor lying on your own canopy bed. A stylish address with Bali-esque flair.

Café de la plage, plage d'arone, 20115 Piana - Phone : 04 95 20 17 27

2. Figajola creek, Piana

A few feet away from Arone is another jewel: the Fifajola creek, a wild nature hideaway. Completely empty, it waits for sea lovers who arrive by boat, or backpackers who enjoy hiking. This stunning creek also welcomes visitors for a completely free show: the sunset. A must.

3. The black beach of Nonza, Cap Corse

To appreciate its beauty, one must first contemplate it from the Nonza village. Nonza beach seems to go on forever in a black pebble stretch of coast at the bottom of a hill. It’s a reason in itself to visit the Cap Corse. After a quick swim, head to Sassa for a gourmet break. The spot offers an unforgettable vista on the beach and the sea.

Have a drink at the Sassa, next to the Paoline tower of Nonza, Cap Corse.

4. Lozari beach, Belgodère

Ten minutes away from Ile Rousse, the lengthy Lozari beach in Belgodère is ideal to stay away from the crowd of tourists. The sea is quite deep, and so is less popular among families with children. But don’t panic, the waters are calm and jellyfish-free. There is a small café with an outdoor shower, how great !

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