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The 4 most beautiful villages to visit in Cap Corse

The 4 most beautiful villages to visit in Cap Corse

Erbalunga, Centuri, Nonza and Patrimonia are those villages where you can relax and leave the world behind. On your to-do list: hike in the wilderness, stroll with your special someone, meet new people… Simply take the time to live in a majestic setting !

1. Nonza

The historical village of Nonza, on the western side of the Cap Corse, hangs on the rocky U Monte, houses only 73 souls, and is appreciated for its charming houses and vast black pebble beach. Points of interest include the 16th century Sainte-Julie church, with its pink-orange hues, and the Paoline tower, from which you can gaze at the endless wild beaches hidden behind the Agriates desert. From the terrasse of the Sassa café, you can read the following messages written on the waterfront: “Nice we love you”, “Will you marry me?” and “Paris rules”. Both unusual and touching.

To see and to do : Sainte-Julie church, Nonza beach, Paoline tower, the small Santa-Croce chapel next to the church.
Where to eat : lunch at the auberge du chat qui pêche, have a drink at the Sassa café next to the Paoline tower.

2. Patrimonio

I stumble upon Patrimonio 3 miles outside of Saint Florent, on my way to the August festival “Les Nuits de la Guitare”. The road is sinuous and on a strong slope, the little village sitting at 344 feet in altitude. I am met with endless vineyards, majestic mountaintops, a view of the sea…. What a feast for my eyes! This sacred valley is the birthplace of the famous sweet wines the Nielluccio, the vermentinu, and the biancu gentile.

To see, to do : visit the Leccia, Arena, Gentile vineyards - go to the Nuits de la Guitare festival (second and third weeks of July) - visit the St Martin church.

3. Centuri

Centuri, at the northern tip of Cap Corse, is home to 235 people, but outsiders come back for its charming fishing harbour and famous crayfish pasta, the village speciality. In the little restaurants facing the sea, bikers, vacationers from the mainland and faraway travelers meet up to savor fresh lobster, crayfish, tuna and swordfish. Centuri’s harbour is only accessible by foot, which confers it a romantic and peaceful atmosphere.


To see, to do : the Mattei windmill, the Merlacce castle, Mute beach

4. Erbalunga

Erbalunga is a trendy village in the Brando district, 6 miles away from Bastia. It seduces travelers with its beautiful stone houses, fishing harbour, chic boutique hotels and numerous cultural events. The main square welcomes every generation of Corsicans under palm trees around a coffee break or a game of bocce ball. On the other side of the square, pretty cobblestone streets, lined with colorful houses, lead to the harbour. The only thing left to do is swim in the village creek or enjoy an apéritif on a terrasse next to the Genoese tower.

To see, to do : during the summer, the festival of the Verdure theater (mid-august), the “Nuits du Piano” festival (beginning of august) - the castle ruins in Castello - the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges chapel (Santa Maria di e Nevi) - scuba diving - horseback riding.

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