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Sri Lanka, my top travel tips in Hikkaduwa

Sri Lanka, my top travel tips in Hikkaduwa

Three weeks in Sri Lanka without planning anything. But how? Ask around where to go, mingle over coffee, and just go for it! Ready ? Set, go !

 Hikkaduwa : Sun, Sand & Surf

After a short night in a hotel near the airport, I head to the central station of Negombo to hop on a train and head to Hikkaduwa. Apparently, that is where you can find miles of sandy beaches, surf-worthy waves, snorkeling spots, and relaxed bars opened as soon as the sun sets. Hikkaduwa, here I come !

Train Negombo/Hikkaduwa (2h/2h30) - btw 6/8€ in 2nd class.

Things to do in Hikkaduwa

I jump in the water as soon as I arrive : It is 90 degrees and sunny, and I can’t resist ! Bali is not the only surf-spot in Southeast Asia, and you can surf or learn right here in Sri Lanka. Surf schools abound, and prices don’t vary much. Snorkeling is also available.

Turtle watching at Turtle Hatchery Hikkaduwa is much appreciated by the tourists, and free for the locals. So let’s support the effort!


The Community Tsunami Museum commemorates the tragic tsunami of 2004. Nearby, the Honganji Vihara Buddha statue, its gaze facing the sea, serves as a memorial to its victims. The statue, a gift from the Japanese government, towers at 32 feet, the exact height of the wave that engulfed a train filled with passengers, and claimed 1700 lives (that we know of).

Surf school, many clubs at the beach.
Community Tsunami Museum, 95th km of Galle Road, Hikkaduwa.
Turtle Hatchery Hikkaduwa, 500RP, AH43 Galle Road, Hikkaduwa.

Restaurants and bars

Tasty bowls, banana bread, fresh fish…. The Salty Swamis Cafe & Surf Shop offers the best exotic healthy food around. At night, I also tested all the fast food joints along Galle Street, which serve traditional dishes. For a good party, head to Top Secret, a trendy bar where backpackers meet and share their adventures around a pitcher of caïpirinha.

Salty Swamis Cafe & Surf Shop, 542 Galle Road, Wewala, Hikkaduwa 80240 - 8am to 3pm
Top Secret, 698 Galle Road, Narigama beach, Hikkaduwa.

Where to sleep in Hikkaduwa ? 

I spent my time in Hikkaduwa at the Universal Beach Guest House, which sits on the beach and
offers a close view of the sunset. The value is pretty good and the hosts are friendly.

Universal Beach Guest House,4000 RP/night

How to come to Hikkaduwa ?

  • Hikkaduwa : by bus, 3h from Colombo (120RP)
  • by train : 2h30/3h from Colombo (160RP in 2nd class, 85RP en 3d class)

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